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November 13, 2013

What date is next Thursday?

If you have ever clicked on the time in the system tray or Googled for “calendar”, then I am about to blow your mind.

Just use the cal UNIX command!

cal UNIX command

Why is my blog loading so slow?

Have you optimized your images? No? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Try running ImageOptim (Mac-only) or OptiPNG (Windows) and be amazed when your image sizes are reduced by 25-75%.

(Warning: your MacBook might sound like a jet engine while this runs…)

ImageOptim screenshot

I need to make a quick web page. Should I install WordPress?

No, please, no! Why not try out Jekyll — an awesome static site generator?

I’ve used it to make:

And with Jekyll 1.3’s new _data files feature, you can easily turn Jekyll into a mini CMS powered by YAML files. Sky’s the limit now, folks!

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