How to start a peer group

Series: growth March 29, 2017

A super tactical list for starting a peer group.

Organizing the group

  1. Pick two people (that you already know) that you want in the group – invite them

    Hey, I’m organizing a peer group focusing on topic – are you interested in participating in a small group discussion with other local folks?

  2. Ask those people to recommend two people they want to be a part of the group – invite them, too

  3. You should have 6-7 people now – if not, keep asking people that are interested to recommend people to invite

  4. Send out three dates for a half-day meeting with Doodle – pick the soonest date that everyone can make

  5. Email everyone (in one email thread) with the date and meeting agenda – this is now your discussion forum

  6. You will host the first meeting so book the space and handle food

    Day of the first meeting

  7. You will volunteer to be the moderator of the first meeting

  8. Start on time and have everyone introduce themselves – name, company, role, what they want to get out of the group

  9. Set the rules of engagement – use Chatham House Rule unless there is a strong reason not to

  10. Explain the discussion format – use Lean Coffee unless there is a strong reason not to

  11. Have a productive, educational, energizing, and cathartic discussion with your new peer group

  12. Get a volunteer to host next time (quarterly works well)

  13. Email everyone thanking them for their participation and enjoy the rest of your day

  14. Repeat quarterly, expanding the group with new people as necessary

If you’ve started a peer group with this list, ping me on Twitter and let me know how it went.

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