Twenty-five days of design

Series: delightful products January 07, 2019

I spent the month of December completing the #DailyUI challenges – a series of design prompts.


The idea of building things soup-to-nuts is very appealing to me.

I like to work on my own projects and I admire folks that are self-sufficient.

Not having to rely on others means that I have total control.

I think I have good design taste, but I wanted to push myself to “prove it”.

Selected samples

I finished 25 design challenges over the month, all designed in Figma.

Here are a few designs that I think turned out well:

Day 03: Landing page

Day 04: Forecasting calculator

Day 13: Live chat debugging tool

Day 16: Modal dialog

Day 18: Analytics dashboard

Day 22: Search autocomplete

Day 23: Onboarding documentation

You can find all of my designs on this Twitter thread or Dribbble.

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