"Pragmatic Programmer" Book Writeup

October 25, 2010

Pragmatic Programmer Book Cover The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master Andrew Hunt and David Thomas ISBN: 020161622X

What’s the point? Code better. It is hard to succinctly summarize this book because it is packed with good information. It is a look into the ‘core process’ of software development. There is a good mix of soft skills such as working on a team and career development and technical guidance for writing solid and flexible code.

How was it? I read this book with a book club and I really enjoyed it. Our group had some really good discussions that complimented the book well. It was the perfect book to read during my first months as a real professional developer.

Who should read it? I think it should be given to any new grad upon finishing school, if not sooner – its that good. Its a classic that I would recommend to anyone who writes code or manages a software team.

Notes: I switched off between a hard copy and my Kindle; while most of the sections are ebook friendly, there are some code snippets that don’t always translate well.

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