"The Personal MBA" Book Writeup

July 25, 2012

What’s the point?
This book collects a bunch of business, pop psychology, and productivity books, extracts the good parts and then groups them into categories.

How was it?
I really liked this book. When someone asked about the book while I was reading it, I described it as a software “patterns” book for business.

The book consists of over 200 bite-sized articles about various business and entrepreneurial topics. There is a wide range of things covered, from basic accounting to the psychology of habits to systems theory. The style of writing is very approachable and it was easy to digest the book a few sections at a time.

Who should read it?
I would recommend anyone interested in learning more about business or entrepreneurship to start by reading this book. Afterwards, you can pick a topic to dive deeper into based on the author’s other recommendations.

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