Podcast Roundup III

Series: misc October 01, 2011

Time for another Podcast Roundup - I’ve only got two new shows this time, but both are pretty good and worth checking out. Check out the other Roundups: here and here for more recommendations.

#Back to Work Hosts: Merlin Mann, Dan Benjamin
Releases: Weekly
Topics: productivity, work, tools, fuzzy feelings

Back to Work is a strange show to describe. It’s not a programming podcast, it’s not a productivity podcast, it’s not a personal development podcast but rather a hybrid of all three. Dan comes from the world of programming and acts as the devils-advocating, voice of reason to Merlin’s kinda-hippy-yet-makes-sense life and workplace advice.

Topics include how to deal with fear of failure, being honest about your expertise before looking for independence, and getting started instead of just thinking about starting. I like that the show makes me think and looking at myself in an introspective manner - plus the show has it’s own quirky sense of humor and style that make it really enjoyable to listen to.

I’ve been told by someone I recommended the show to that the first few episodes are hard to get into, but I think if you can make it to episode 5 (my favorite episode of any podcast ever) you will be hooked.

#Coder Talk Hosts: Joey Beninghove, Derick Bailey
Releases: Weekly
Topics: coding, micropreneurship

Coder Talk is a new podcast (seven episodes at the time of this writing) but it reminds me of the early days of TechZing. The format is a little different than a normal podcast: there are two primary hosts, but they are joined by panel of other programmers. The topics are a bit jumbled - the cast just talks about stuff they have been working on recently or new technologies that have been released.

The show is pretty rough in its current state but I think the format is interesting and will improve as more episodes are produced.

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