Podcast Roundup IV

Series: misc September 12, 2016

Several years ago I wrote about some podcast recommendations. Five years later, I don’t listen to most of those anymore. Either they stopped airing or I just moved on.

But podcasts are the greatest so here is an updated list of newish podcasts I think are worth your time.

Seeking Wisdom

Hosts: David Cancel, Dave Gerhardt

Topics: product development, career growth

Seeking Wisdom is short but sweet. Each episode is between 15-30 minutes, but they pack a big punch. Their is usually a singular topic for each show and David and Dave share their personal take on it.

Why should you care?

  • David did some cool stuff (Drift, HubSpot, Performable) and is just a chill dude
  • The intro music is :fire:

The Intern

Hosts: Allison Behringer

Topics: serialized podcast about a woman breaking into the startup world

The Intern – not to be confused with that Anne Hathaway/Robert De Niro movie that was secretly kinda good – is a well-produced, documentary style podcast about a woman trying to find her way in the New York startup scene. Allison gets hired as an intern at a tech accelerator and is tasked with making a podcast about the company. (Aside: I’m a sucker for meta-media like this – a podcast about someone trying to start a podcast).

Why should you care?

  • NPR-level production
  • Candid and vulnerable conversations are just good radio
  • The ad reads are enjoyable


Since it’s been five years since the last roundup I did, here are small overviews of the podcasts I’ve picked up and stuck with over that time period. Some of these are more popular so you might have heard them already, some of these are completely random and I don’t know if I would even recommend.


Season 01: Guy quits radio job to start company that makes podcasts (this meta-podcast is the first product), things start bad but go mostly okay

Season 02: Follows a single company throughout the season, this company has tons of struggles and seems realistic

Season 03: Stand-alone episodes featuring new companies every week

The Bikeshed + Giant Robots

Two podcasts from thoughtbot – very relevant to my work

The Bikeshed is for deeper technical discussions, Giant Robots has shifted lately to be more about product development

The Pitch

It’s basically Shark Tank for tech companies in podcast form, good filler + exposure to new ideas

Kalzumeus podcast

Patrick McKenzie’s podcast – worth putting up with terrible audio and irregular schedule because I always learn a ton of stuff

The Random Show

Tim Ferriss + Kevin Rose. I like most of Tim Ferriss’ stuff and listen to his interview podcast on and off (more off lately), but I really like this version of the show with Kevin Rose. It also feels a little more fun and grounded when Kevin is there. Good for finding out about new gadgets, books, and other nick-nacks.

Stop Podcasting Yourself

Has nothing to do with tech, software, or self-improvement – just a stupid, fun comedy podcast with two Canadian hosts and a random guest.


The only holdover from the 2010 podcast list. I feel very personally invested in this show, but I can’t really think of any reason to listen if you haven’t already sunk 300+ hours into it like I have.


It’s good. Buy the hype. Season 02 was underrated.

PS. I use Pocket Casts for Android + this Bluetooth dongle in my car for podcast enjoyment.

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