Series: growth March 19, 2013

I learned an RSpec naming convention while pairing with a developer at Global Day of Code Retreat.

I learned about using bundle open to explore Ruby gems while pairing with a friend at a sandwich shop.

I learned about debugging with pry while pairing with a guy at an Indy.rb Hack Night.

And I’ve shared each of these bits of knowledge with co-workers in code reviews and pairing sessions.

These nuggets of information are all available in other sources — books, blog posts, mailing lists — but they are unknown-unknowns. I didn’t even realize there was a better way that I should be seeking out.

But when pairing, I can see you use a cool trick. You teach me how to do it. I teach it to a co-worker. She teaches it to her team. Everyone improves and grows.

Pair programming cross-pollinates knowledge.

If you can’t think of the last time you picked up a new trick, seek out someone new and pair for an hour. I’d love for you to share what you learn with me someday.

Psst, if you're in the Indianapolis area, come pair with me any Monday night.

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