Weekly Noise - Week 1 Recap

Series: worklog October 31, 2010

Its been a week since I started my first Weekly Noise post and so far, I think it is a success. Since I had planned out what to work on in advance, I didn’t have to waste much time thinking about what to do when I had some downtime. With that said, I will be continuing this format.

Once I got a decent workflow going for actually making posts (Markdown and I still don’t seem to be getting along), writing the posts was actually pretty quick. I have been using the awesome Showdown tool to do WYSIWYG editing of the posts and then running jeykll --server locally to do a formating check and some spot-edits. By the end of the week, there was almost no overhead to writing book reviews in this way – I was even able to do one during my lunch break.

I didn’t quite finish all the books on my list – I have More Joel on Software and Passionate Programmer to do. But I had a pretty busy weekend, so I will catch up on those either tonight or tomorrow. You can find the writeups that I finished on the front page on the site, under the Book Writeup’s heading. Despite falling a bit short of my goal, I still felt a lot more productive.

I had three projects that I wanted to work on in the next week:

  • Javascript/SVG announcement “board” that could be used on a few monitors around my office
  • Expand Showdown to include the other popular markup languages (Textile, RST, Creole)
  • Start working on a fantasy football mobile app with Titanium Appcelerator, using the Yahoo Sports API I played around with a couple weeks ago

Ultimately, I decided on the first opinion; so onwards to next week!

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