Weekly Noise 2 - "So it's like a screensaver..."

Series: worklog October 31, 2010

I will be moving offices in January and as part of the new design, the office will have several inset areas in the walls to mount flat-panel displays. I am sure that you have seen these “announcement boards” in office buildings before – they are basically replacing the building directories or traditional bulletin boards. You could use it for displaying a welcome message, special events, upcoming meetings, etc.

I think most of these displays are usually just hacked together by looping over a few PowerPoint slides. Not very elegant or high tech, especially for a software company!

So when I noticed that the new office would have several of these monitors, I thought about some cool things that they could display. I started thinking about all kind of visualizations, infographics and other fancy sounding ideas – then I talked to a co-worker about the idea and he seemed uninterested in why I wanted to make a screensaver. Doh. Well I guess that’s basically what it is…a glorified screensaver.

But I still wanted to build it! It gives me a chance to make something with a few new technologies I’d been playing around with. The first is Raphaël.js – a Javascript library for creating SVG drawings and animations. It is pretty simple to use and I am trying to brush up on Javascript, so it’s a win-win. I also wanted the display to be able to get updates in real-time so I figured I could use WebSockets to provide a means to do this.

The computer powering the display will launch a browser (in full-screen mode), point it to a webpage and then render the Javascript “screen-saver”. A server will send updates to the page through WebSockets – I can hack together a simple admin page to edit announcements. I even have a grand vision of hooking the page up to our source code repositories and triggering some kind of special effect on the display when a check-in is made – but I’ll shelve that until I get some basic functionality.

Goals for the week:

  • Get a static page up that receives WebSocket updates
  • Make a simple Admin page to CRUD announcement items
  • Get basic animation going for the background

Time budget: 5 hours

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