Weekly Noise 4 Recap - Glorified Screensaver - Post Mortem

Series: worklog November 22, 2010

I was just about to give up on my screensaver project. My progress had stalled due to performance issues with raphael.js as I started adding more than a handful of shapes. I was ready to just slap a static background image on it and call it “done”; then I came across three.js – a lightweight 3D Javascript engine and everything just fell into place.

I saw a blog post about generating audio visualizations with three.js and I was amazed at how smooth the animations were and that it was only 200 lines of code. The three.js library itself is unassuming, but once I saw a few of the examples on Github, I knew that this could be the solution to my problems and is a very well-written piece of code.

One of the demos was really cool and almost exactly like what I was unsuccessfully trying to make. So about an hour later and after a few passes through JSLint, I had modified the demo to work with jQuery and tweaked the parameters around to make the effect more suited to the screensaver.

The three.js library actually has both SVG and <canvas> outputs, though I didn’t see much difference in performance in either Firefox or Chrome. I ultimately went with <canvas> because, frankly, I am a little sick of SVG at this point :-)

And with that, I am declaring this project finished; the source code is on Github: https://github.com/swanson/glorified-screensaver

I only recommend running the client in Chrome (and maybe Safari). Firefox 3.x doesn’t have support for websockets so it uses a Flash fallback and the Chrome JS engine also performs better. You can run the page in fullscreen mode (F11) for the best effect.

And so you don’t have to install node.js yourself (though you should since it’s pretty cool!), here’s a video:



  • I built a real-time announcement board web app (“screensaver”) using node.js
  • Updates are sent to all open instances of the page in real-time using socket.io
  • The background animation is rendered client-side using three.js and is based heavily on this demo
  • I worked on this project for three weeks (Weekly Noise 2, 3, and 4)
  • I planned to spend 12 hours of free time on the project; I ended up spending around 20 hours in total on it

What I learned:

  • node.js and some libraries for it (express.js, mongoose)
  • Haml-style templates using Jade (still not a fan…)
  • Some jQuery tricks, namely live() event binding
  • A few neat things with CSS3/HTML5 – alpha channel, box-shadows, border-radius
  • I am still not that good at writing efficient Javascript
  • I am even worse at 3D graphics…

Next week: I am taking a week off for Thanksgiving and to decide what to do work on next. Ideas or collaborators are welcome as always :-)

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